Meet The Artist: Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich

I may not remember being born any more than I do the day I first became a storyteller, but the written record goes back to my early grade school days. Back before I could spell or comfortably form letters I was spinning yarns and imagining worlds. I love a good parable, a good poem and […]

Amnesia DejaVu Music Video (Preserves)

A film maker down in LA liked this song and made a music video out of it! WOW! It’s a story of addiction and self-deception. Kind of a surf rock vibe with some alternative rock roots. Preserves – Amnesia DejaVu

I Feel Love (Cover by Indigo)

We’ve been into 70-80s music recently. Wanted to cover this tune by Giorgio Moroder / Donna Summer. Video cut out a minute early so you miss my guitar wailin’ Fuck you Apple Jag: Roland TR-8 Drum Machine, Behringer TD-3 Bass Synthesizer, Vocals Andrew: Sledge Synthesizer, MiniNovation Synthesizer Alex: Moog sub-phatty and Roland Juno I’m going […]

Sketch ‘N Sip 2, New Artists, New Venue, Nonprofit Status

Hi everyone, this post is a little bit of an update dump as we have a lot of exciting things happening at once! First, our second Sketch ‘N Sip night is coming up next Tuesday, July 6. Meet us at Wingman Rodeo on Milpas to meet fellow artists, learn about Permatint, play games, sketch a […]


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