New Abyss Online!

Hi everyone, thanks for staying tuned to Permatint. Two new issues of the Abyss are now available digitally – Change, and Fire & Water. We’re featuring new poets, young artists, ye olde favorites, and super sus characters. We had fun putting these shifty themed issues together and hope you have fun reading them. As always,Continue reading “New Abyss Online!”

Amnesia DejaVu Music Video (Preserves)

A film maker down in LA liked this song and made a music video out of it! WOW! It’s a story of addiction and self-deception. Kind of a surf rock vibe with some alternative rock roots. Preserves – Amnesia DejaVu

I Feel Love (Cover by Indigo)

We’ve been into 70-80s music recently. Wanted to cover this tune by Giorgio Moroder / Donna Summer. Video cut out a minute early so you miss my guitar wailin’ Fuck you Apple Jag: Roland TR-8 Drum Machine, Behringer TD-3 Bass Synthesizer, Vocals Andrew: Sledge Synthesizer, MiniNovation Synthesizer Alex: Moog sub-phatty and Roland Juno I’m goingContinue reading “I Feel Love (Cover by Indigo)”


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